TPC B.K.A ISSUE'Z - Dope Artist and Originator of the Royal Coven Psycho'z

Steven A. Bradley AKA  TPC B.K.A. ISSUSSE'Z is a native of Champaign IL, raised in Rantoul il and has lived in Fort Worth Texas. ISSUE'Z has an infinite sound and is versed with many styles allowing the beat to take over his emotions and his lyrics to take flight.  ISSUE'Z has opened up for Natris G , Mystical and has had countless rap battles along the way. Originator and self proclaimed leader of the Royal Coven Psysco'z , a movement who's motto is live wlid and free, a group of independent bosses who move in one cohesive unit! So fasten your seat belts, put on your 3d glasses because the spaceship is about to lift off!

Q- CITY - Dope Producer, Raw Dj and engineer

Quincy Summers AKA Q-City a native of Galesburg IL, raised in Champaign County Il, has always had a love for music and the talent to create ,recreate, mix ,engineer music. Q-City started out producing and then transitioned into the djaying. Q-City produced MrLivingReality entire first album "All The Same" and for countless other Mid-West artist! Q-city currently djays through out the Mid -West region and on tour with Above Status Quo Inc artist.


He call himself MrLivingReality a native of Champaign Il, has been rapping for a while, L.R. has performed in various places along the East coast and throughout the Midwest. His distictive sound can captivate anyone's attention to the fullest.
Mr. Living Reality has also been featured in Hip hop weekly Magazine and in Makin it magazine an Atlanta based magazine for thriving independent artist, Mr. Living Reality specalizies as a artist, song writer, producer, and has the potential to play other various roles in the music industry.
In late 2013 MR. Living Reality launched ABOVE STATUS QUO INC. a production company that specializes in every facet of the entertainment industry, from Recording , video production , photography, marketing and branding, PR, and artist development